Learn Scottish Gaelic: Beginner Top Tips & Tricks

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Key takeaways
A detailed understanding of the Gaelic spelling rule and how it can help you to spell unfamiliar words
An overview of key online dictionary skills, showing you how to find the gender of a noun and how to use the dictionary to help with pronunciation
A brief run through of why you should never use Google Translate
Laura HowittHost: Laura is a secondary school Gàidhlig teacher who has taught Gaelic (Learners) at all levels. She has a passion for the language and is keen to introduce students of all ages to the Scottish Gaelic.

Taking on a new language can be tricky but it can also be SO rewarding.

In this class aimed at absolute beginners of Scottish Gaelic students will explore a Gaelic spelling rule, some dictionary techniques and some key resources to help support them in their learning of a brand new language!  

These Scottish Gaelic Life Skill classes are great for any students wanting to improve a basic level of the language or who are brand new learners and keen to develop their vocab, speaking and understanding. 

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Safeguarding reminder:The safety of your child is of the utmost importance. All of our classes are pre-recorded to remove any concerns around live participation. For reruns of our past live classes, students' webcams and microphones were disabled and only the chat history, if participation was requested, is visible.

Suitable for:

This class is suitable for all students who wish to learn Scottish Gaelic and are interested in getting some top tips from a native speaker.  

Class requirements:
You will need a laptop or device with internet connection to watch the class, as well as a pen and notepad for taking notes.
What to expect:
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