Enzyme Action and Factors that Affect Activity

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Key takeaways
Describe enzyme structure.
Explain enzyme specificity using the lock and key hypothesis.
Describe and explain how different factors can affect enzyme activity.
Jamie JohnsonHost: Jamie (BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCE) is a Science teacher who is passionate about breaking down complex topics into digestible bites for students.

Enzymes are biological catalysts that are used in all biochemical reactions in the human body. Enzymes have a high degree of specificity to their substrate, and need specific conditions to work at their highest (optimum) rate. Why are they specific, what conditions suit enzymes, and why does it affect them?

In this class, students will learn how to describe enzyme structure, explain enzyme specificity using the lock and key hypothesis, and describe and explain how different factors can affect enzyme activity. This class is great for all students but especially for those in Years 10 and 11.

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Suitable for:

This class is suitable for all year groups but especially for those revising in Years 10 and 11.

Class requirements:
You will need a laptop or device with internet connection to watch the class, as well as a pen and notepad for taking notes.
What to expect:
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