Periodic Table of Elements

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Key takeaways
Describe how Mendeleev arranged the elements known at the time into the periodic table, using prior ideas.
Describe how Mendeleev predicted the position and properties of unknown elements, and the problems in his approach.
Explain the discovery by Moseley around atomic number that helped confirm Mendeleev’s ideas.
Jamie JohnsonHost: Jamie (BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCE) is a Science teacher who is passionate about breaking down complex topics into digestible bites for students.

The modern periodic table is one of the most important pieces of work in chemistry, and adorns every science classroom. All UK pupils study it for high school science, but many do not understand the steps taken to develop the table in its current form. This lesson covers the steps involved in the discovery and development of key ideas that led to it.

By the end of class students will be able to, describe how Mendeleev arrange the elements, how Mendeleev predicted the position and properties of unknown elements (and the problems with his approach), and explain the discovery by Moseley. This class is great for all chemistry students but especially students in Years 10 and 11 who are revising.

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Safeguarding reminder:The safety of your child is of the utmost importance. All of our classes are pre-recorded to remove any concerns around live participation. For reruns of our past live classes, students' webcams and microphones were disabled and only the chat history, if participation was requested, is visible.

Suitable for:

This class is suitable for all students but especially those in Years 10 and 11 who are revising.

Class requirements:
You will need a laptop or device with internet connection to watch the class, as well as a pen and notepad for taking notes. A calculator will also be beneficial. 
What to expect:

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