What is the meaning of Refugee?

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Key takeaways
Understanding of forcibly displaced people.
What it’s like to be an asylum seeker or refugee in the UK.
How you can offer support to refugees locally and globally.
Paola Mileo Host: Paola Mileo is an Inclusive Education Project Manager, originally a Second Language teacher and trainer for projects aimed at the inclusion of students with a migrant background. She supports schools and organisations to adopt creative, sustainable and lasting solutions for extensive and cross-disciplinary learning opportunities. 

You have have heard the term 'refugee' in the news, but do you know what it actually means? In this class, students will be introduced to some common terms and definitions used to describe forcibly displaced people. Students will discuss current global and national refugee statistics and trends, and describe the perils of a refugees’ journey from home to host country. In addition, Students will explore the refugee experience here in the UK and dispel a few common myths.

Class will finish by sharing some resources students can use to stay informed about the refugee crisis and offer some ideas for how students might support refugees locally and globally. This class is presented as part of the 2021 International Refugee Week and the project, Feeling Home. Additional resources are available on the Feeling Home website.

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Safeguarding reminder:The safety of your child is of the utmost importance. All of our classes are pre-recorded to remove any concerns around live participation. For reruns of our past live classes, students' webcams and microphones were disabled and only the chat history, if participation was requested, is visible.

Suitable for:

This class is suitable for all students of all ages to learn about an important topic in our world today. 

Class requirements:
You will need a laptop or device with internet connection to watch the class, as well as a pen and notepad for taking notes.
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