Working as a Project Manager

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Key takeaways
An understanding of the role of "Project Managers" as problem solvers.
The most effective PMs are masters of software like Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint for articulating their ideas.
Some routes into the industry and the importance of saying "Yes" to opportunities.
Andrew PritchardHost: Andrew has delivered Project Management expertise of IT and Business Change initiatives in multiple industries, including Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Airline and Financial Services for the last 8 years. He is passionate about making operations and IT systems efficient for large, often complex, organisations. These roles have taken Andrew to many places across Europe and the United States.

A career as a Project Manager can allow you to work across many different industries and many different countries! The skills you develop in a role such as this can be applied to so many different jobs. In this class, Andrew will talk through a day in the life of a Project Management role in IT & Organisational Change. He will provide a specific focus on how anyone can still be a successful Project Manager, even without in-depth knowledge of solutions being delivered to the business.

Some careers can sound complex and daunting to those starting out; Andrew explains why it is less scary than it sounds. This is a great class for anyone interested in taking the next steps to become a Project Manager but also for students who don't yet know which career is for them and want to get an insight into a wide range of different roles.

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Safeguarding reminder:The safety of your child is of the utmost importance. All of our classes are pre-recorded to remove any concerns around live participation. For reruns of our past live classes, students' webcams and microphones were disabled and only the chat history, if participation was requested, is visible.

Suitable for:

This class is suitable for all students who have always wondered 'What exactly is a Project Manager?'. This class is also aimed at older students who are thinking about their potential future career options.

Class requirements:

Students will require a laptop with internet connection to view the class. A pen and notepad will also be required during the lesson.

What to expect:
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